Why School Branding?

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School Entrance Branding

Show them what you've got!

Your brand is an important part of how students, faculty and visitors view your school. Branding is a very effective way to show school pride by way of full color graphics using your logo, slogans, core values, character words and more! A clear brand truly shows everyone entering your building who you are as a school.

Your school logo is truly the foundation of your facility. Having this logo along with photos, slogans and/or core values will bring your hallways (cinder block or drywall), doors, windows and lobby areas to life and make everyone proud to be a member of the school.

We supply only durable, UV curable inks on all facets of the branding process within your facility. Our easy measuring guidelines for each area of your school make it very easy to get a quote, and better yet, a full color mock-up layout on to the actual area you are wanting to brand.

Sample mockup (use the arrow slider to view before and after image):

Advantages of School Branding:

  • Your BRAND tells everyone who enters your school or facility what you are all about
  • Your BRAND motivates your students, athletes and faculty
  • Your BRAND helps you connect not only with the students, but with the entire community where your school is located
  • SCHOOL BRANDING brings your school to life