Windscreen / Mesh

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Contact us to discuss your project. We’ll ask you some basic questions about the project such as your space, logos, school colors, and core values. Our team will take it from there!
  2. Commit your purchase. Once we have a plan in place for your project, we’ll need photos of the areas in your school you’d like to brand. Our designers will create superimposed mockups so you can see how your concept will look in the actual space!
  3. Approval. Once approved, we’ll produce the product and our certified installers will come to your school to install the project.

Ideal for fences and bleacher wraps, our Quickscreen allows you to change and update the look and feel of your facility and bleachers! Customize your Quickscreen with your school/business colors and logo. Quickscreen also allows you to conceal the space under your athletic stadium bleacher while adding color and bold graphics.

For more detailed information about our various lines and printing options, please visit our Quickscreen page.


(Drag the arrows left and right to see before and after images)

Wind Mesh BeforeWind Mesh After

Measuring your Athletic Facility Bleachers or Fencing for Windscreen is a simple process. Just follow the guidelines detailed below. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Click here to download our PDF of Measurement Guidelines for Windscreen
View all of our Measurement Guidelines

If you will be using our design team to create your design they will need some information from you such as;

  • Your logo in vector form, (a vector file will typically have a .ai or .eps extension)
  • Your school/business colors, (Pantone numbers please)
  • Your choice of font
  • Any verbiage you want to use such as character words or slogans. In situations where you want to use photos, we’ll ask for high-resolution photos.

If you are going to create your own design, follow the guidelines on our Art Guidelines page to save you time, effort and avoid any additional file set up charges. 

Why School Branding?

Your brand is an important part of how students, faculty and visitors view your school. Branding is an effective way to show your school culture by way of full-color graphics using school logo’s, slogans, core values, character words and much more!

We supply only durable, UV curable inks on all facets of the branding process for your school. Our easy to use measuring guidelines make getting a quote simple.  Ask about custom designed wraps for doors, walls, and locker rooms, etched crystal and window perf for glass surfaces, gym banners, spirit flags, locker endcaps and more.